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The Most Optimal Cross Trainer Regime For Beginners


If we want to get a quick keep fit programme suitable for beginners but also something of a regime that only impacts your toning of your physique or assists with weight loss and not your busy schedule or social life what are the options? Is choosing a Cross Trainer and suitable work out plan the way to go?

Easy does it

New year’s resolution 101 is always to get fit and yes, we are lazy so it has to be easy and less impact on our bodies which are already under strain from modern life, if not a bit wider around the middle! So it has to be simple and not just physically but mentally, too much moving to the left and then to the right and then up in the air, it’s too much direction to follow at the end of the day or the start of the next. However with a Cross Trainer why be as mundane as to motion forward when a work out could be to track backwards on your chosen machine.

Insult to injury

We all need clear instructions on what to do and perhaps these days we enjoy knowing the end result. We used to know that following Jane Fonda or Mr Motivator would get us to lose some weight but now we are informed about the actual benefits – Does  your bingo wings needs toning or do you want a flat bikini worthy tummy? We also need to know how to warm up and cool down to avoid cramping and putting ourselves off any further heart pumping activity. No pain no gain is a myth with a Cross Trainer.

Beginning, middle and end

So there has to be the most suitable, most practical and most popular work out regime to get us started with our chosen discipline to keep fit. So where to start, what are the options and what is your end goal? Could a Cross Trainer be the answer?

Tools of the trade

You could invest in a Cross Trainer or borrow the use of the gym’s best equipment and you will need to plan the use of the apparatus but also the demands and needs of your body. You need to be suitably nourished to be able to use your Cross Trainer well and need to pay attention to cues that your body needs to rest. Commitment is an end goal, hurting yourself is not. Injury will put you off and permanent damage will definitely be end of the game.

Get with the program

You could have professional help / advice from a guide or follow a plan via apps or YouTube. Whatever you do signing up to use a Cross Trainer and create a regime will definitely be a brilliant body bonus. The modern Cross Trainer can be the most technical advancement in your keep fit kit, connecting it to tech devices and monitoring your progress.

Run before you can walk

The use of a Cross Trainer and its varying setting and its various benefits is the most natural way to have the feel of the body’s most natural actions such as walking as well as running but without the joints having to meet the jarring of trainers on concrete as you dash about in the open. The apparatus gives you the support you wouldn’t normally have. Sometimes there are little quirks in using the cross trainer mainly the difference in running almost on what might seem like a slipstream of nothing as you motion the cross trainer at your selected pace. It won’t be the same as a jog in the park but that could be a bonus too.

Mix it up

This isn’t necessary advice to do more but to throw out the regimental structure to your work out and change up the times, steps and order from the previous week. Boredom will be the explosive end to the time you have invested in your Cross Trainer equipment and also your chosen routine.

Head, shoulder, knees and toned

Simply put we need to know how many steps or miles on what day, alternate days with time off from your keep fit or mixing it up by doing another task or increasing your mileage for maximum impact. All this for week one and then roll it onto week two and then back to week one again but remember the regime should be easy for a beginner but also on your physical self.

Let not suffer your knees, ankles and feet but let the benefits show on a toned and sleeker body you wished for at the end of the year just gone.

Alternate your regime and not repeat

You could have a series of WOD’s (work outs of the day) and have a great series of work outs allocated to a day. Monday could be a different beat to your chosen WOD on Wednesday and then a casual WOD for a Friday. End your week at your peak performance; be proud you have succeeded as beginner who now has a great appreciation for finding the most optimal Cross Trainer regime (and maybe brag a bit on the weekend).