Exercise Bike Vs Treadmills – Which Are Better For Weight Loss?

According to a study that was conducted by the American School of Medicine  it was found out that if one engages in a weight-bearing exercise, they tend to burn more calories. On this note, it’s accurate to state that exercising on a treadmill engages more muscle mass compared to exercising on a non-weight bearing exercise such as cycling on a stationary bike. Of course, we’re stating this if you’re working out at the same intensity level.

Both the treadmills and exercise bikes are ideal for use at home since they provide effective cardio work out. They also have different levels of resistance that you can use if you intend to transition to different levels.


There are some obvious benefits that you can obtain from aerobic exercises with the obvious one being the release of endorphins, which has been proven to inhibit pain signals thus helping you feel good. This exercise has also been proven to reduce some of the obvious symptoms that patients with depressive disorders have.


However, the question is which of these two machines is best for weight loss? To answer this question objectively, we need to highlight some obvious points concerning both of the machines. There’s no question as to whether both of these machines improve your fitness, mind you, they also provide good aerobic and cardiovascular workouts.

Based on research findings, we’ve gathered some points that will help you make the right decision as to which machine is the best for weight loss.

Treadmills are ideal for a full-body workout

Relatively compared to the stationary bike which focuses on the lower part of the body, treadmills engage more muscles. Remember that while you’re running you engage every muscle in your body. Research shows that while you’re running you engage even the back and abdominal muscles. On the same note, you also get to work out the arms as you move them back and forth as you run.

Treadmills Burn More Calories


There’s no doubt by now, we’ve already pointed out that running on a treadmill burns more calories because you get to engage more muscles. Running is one of those exercises that will burn many calories.

Studies show that treadmills burn 100 – 200 more calories per hour compared to bikes. While running on a treadmill you get to fight the gravitational force, which makes it even more challenging.


Benefits Of Using A Stationary Bike

  • Stationary bikes improve the flexibility of your ligaments and muscles
  • Stationary bikes also reduce the amount of pressure on your lower back
  • They’re ideal for people with poor balance
  • They help you introduce the element of variety in your workout program and plan
  • You can easily multitask while working out

Benefits of Using A Treadmill


  • You get to burn more calories
  • There’s less pressure exerted on your joints compared to running outside
  • Treadmills have the safety shut-off feature

Disadvantages of Using A Stationary Bike


  • They have very few bone-building benefits
  • You burn a few calories compared to when you’re using a treadmill

Disadvantages of Using Treadmills


  • Treadmills exert pressure on your joints and lower back
  • It’s much harder to multitask while on a treadmill
  • You can easily miss a footing and trip

Burning More Calories

A treadmill will help you burn more calories compared to a stationary bike. We have attributed this to the position you adopt while exercising on the two machines. While on the treadmill, it’s much more demanding unlike while you’re on a bike, where you’ll be supporting your body.

Consider This


Although you’ll burn more calories while on a treadmill, you need to consider the fact that while you’re on the stationary bike, you can work out longer. This stems from the fact that there’s less pressure on the joints and hence you’ll be more comfortable to workout longer.

As a result of spending more time on the bike, you’ll be in a position to burn more calories compared to working out on a treadmill. For this reason, you can see how this controversy even out if you consider both perspectives.

Burning Belly Fat


If you’re trying to burn belly fat you need to consider some research findings that were done by the American College for Sports Medicine. The body found out that engaging in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help you burn fat while maintaining your muscle mass. The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be done on both machines.

Treadmill Vs. Stationary Bike



The two machines give you vigorous aerobic exercise implying that they can be very effective if you’re trying to lose some weight. However, we need to clarify that before you make a decision you need to consider both perspectives on both machines. Your decision should be informed by the machine that you’ll find more enjoyable to use.

Even though running on a treadmill will burn more calories, a stationary bike might be more comfortable to some thus allowing you to exercise longer, which will inevitably burn more calories.




Are Treadmills Good For Running With Joint Problems?

Running on a treadmill involves pressure-intense movements that are repetitive in nature, this often presents a set of challenges to the joints. One of the problems that can arise has to do with mechanical issues and inflammation of the joints.

The sudden twisting motions can cause injuries to the ligaments and tendons. The ankle, hip, and knee joints are also susceptible to stress that results from exercising on the treadmill. This is why we’re trying to address this issue on whether it’s a good idea to exercise on a treadmill while you have joint problems.

Considering the above facts, we need to consider the fact that over-exercising can be a major problem because when you over-exert yourself you cause more harm to the joints. However, if you’re able to exercise moderately, it can be very beneficial compared to running in the open.

Some Mechanics on Joints

Joints are capable of taking lots of pressure and resistance, they’re highly flexible, complex and tough. On the same note, there are ligaments and cartilages that connect the bones of a joint, they often rupture, and tear or stretch if they are subjected to abnormal movements. Joint pains are often caused by medical issues such as bursitis, osteoarthritis, and tendonitis.

There are some benefits that can be obtained from regular exercises on a treadmill, it has been proven that such exercises reduce the risk of injuring your knee joints. Whether you’re walking or running, it actually keeps your joints in check.


The downside to it is that there are some problems that result from using the treadmill. The exercises that we often do on the treadmill are different from what we’re accustomed to while running or walking. This is why first-timers often experience joint pains from treadmills.

It has actually been observed that the stride lengths while one is using a treadmill tend to be longer than when one is walking, this inevitably stretches the ligaments and tendons. For this reason, the chances of sustaining an injury increase significantly.


The treadmill’s surface can presents another challenge to the joints if you exercise rigorously, the hard nature of the surface disturbs the joints. However, we’re going to look at some of the strategies that you can use so as to reduce the joint pains if you have injuries.


How To Exercise On A Treadmill If You Have An Injury or Joint Pain


If you already have joint pains, you can take it slow while on the treadmill. The idea is that you need to avoid overexerting the joint muscles at all cost. Also, take some time to stretch before you start engaging in a demanding workout, this will prepare the joints for the exercise that you’re about to do.


If you experience some pain while working out, it’s very important for you to consider applying some ice so as to relieve the pain. You can also consider getting some anti-inflammatory medications and then get some rest. Make sure that the pain has ceased before you can get back on the treadmill.


If you’re able to use a treadmill the right way, it’s much better compared to running in the open. This is especially the case if you have joint pains.

Get The Right Shoes

Get some supportive sneakers that you’ll use for your indoor exercises on the treadmill. Supportive shoes need to provide shock absorption, this will help you in protecting your joints from injuries.

Start At A Moderate Pace


You can start with a moderate walk then gradually increase your pace. However, if you experience pain it’s very important for you to lower the speed and then get some rest. For the first-timers, we highly recommend that you start by walking. It’s also advisable for you to tape up the injured section before using the treadmill.

There Are Some Benefits That Come With Using Treadmills

As much as you’d like to avoid exercises because you have an injury, this is very counterproductive because the joints don’t get adequate blood flowing to the injured section. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you get on the treadmill and get some of these benefits that we’ve mentioned below.


However, there are many personal trainers who’ll tell you that if you’re trying to recover from a joint or knee injury, it’s much better for you to consider cycling on a stationary bike because it’s much more joint-friendly. Cardio-workouts are also better if you’re having such a problem. An elliptical is also a viable option if you’re having a joint problem so you can consider it instead of a treadmill.


At the end of the day, we need to mention that exercise can go a long way in helping you recover from an injury because it helps you maintain mobility while you control the condition you’re experiencing. On the same note, we strongly recommend that you avoid running on the open because you’ll end up exerting lots of pressure on your joints which is not necessarily good for your injured joints. Instead, you need to consider using a treadmill because it will absorb the shock you exert on the joints.



Are Rowing Machines Good Cardio?

Rowing machines are very effective for use in cardio-workouts, they crush lots of calories while helping you to sculpt the muscles in your legs, back, abs, and arms. However, you need to have a well thought out plan on how you’re going to approach your workout regimen. In other words, you need a goal to work towards in terms of distance and time.

If you ask most people what comes into their minds whenever you talk about cardio, most of them will talk about cycling, elliptical, or running. We hardly think about rowing machines, but most gyms have these machines and they’re often underutilized.

If deployed in the right way, rowing machines do a great job in providing a cardio challenge for anyone who’s interested.

Studies have shown that working out on a rowing machine for one hour can burn 800 calories, this stems from the fact that it engages most body parts. The machine demands 25% effort from the upper body and 75% from the lower body. You get to work out the legs, arms, abs, and the back. In other words, you can look at this machine as a wholesome multi-tasker that combines different workouts on one single machine. This is part of the reason rowing athletes look very fit.

Rowing is a good cardio workout

The actual mechanics that we engage in while rowing is different from what most people are accustomed to. While growing up, we often engaged in biking and running, in very rare cases would you find people rowing. This is part of the reason why it’s a challenge to most people. One needs to expend lots of effort to get the right form when they’re getting started. However, as soon as you get the right form, it now becomes very easy. However, the benefits to be derived from this workout are worthwhile.

Rowing is a combination of different exercises that test your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. By simultaneously using the upper and lower body, you get to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time, which is very good for your cardiovascular system. The core, shoulders, arms, and legs are all used in the process. A simple low-impact workout can get your strength training and cardiovascular training all at the same time.

Team SOCOM Chief Petty Officer Phil Fong competes in the 2018 DoD Warrior Games indoor rowing competition at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. June 9, 2018. (DoD photo by EJ Hersom)

Comparing Rowing With other Forms of Cardio

We’ve mentioned earlier that rowing can burn up-to 600 – 800 calories in one hour. Also, consider this, rowing is a low impact workout hence it is ideal for cross-training. You can also tailor your workout around the rowing machine without much pressure.

The main advantage of rowing is that it provides you with the opportunity to exercise a wide range of muscle work. You’re able to hit most parts of the body, including the core and both the lower and upper parts of the body. There are very few machines that can achieve this kind of results.

Muscles Involved While Rowing

The catch is also known as the big push engages your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The leg muscles also do a great part of the job while pushing. As you do this, you get to burn a lot of calories. By working the major muscles in the body, you get to burn a lot of calories as the day goes by.

The core also comes into play because you need a lot of stabilization. If your core is not strong and well stabilized, you can easily collapse while you’re rowing. Talking of core, we’re talking about the muscles in your truck.

On the other hand, the pulling motion engages your back and arms. This implies that your triceps and biceps, and the chest muscles and rhomboids get involved. A few minutes of rowing can help you loosen up a tight back and neck muscles this warming up your body.

Two-In-One Workout

Rowing gives you both the cardio benefits and the strength training because you get to engage some muscular and cardiovascular endurance, which requires a lot of strength. Tho is make you more efficient as time goes by. It’s like running and lifting all at the same time.

Some Tips To Use While Rowing

Rowing should be harder on your legs than your back. So when you’re rowing you need to be very cautious so that you don’t jerk your back off. However, a little bit of soreness is allowed.

Avoid straining your back excessively; most of the work should be done by your legs and arms. Push with your legs first and then allow the body to follow.

Make sure that you exhale while you’re pulling the handle, also inhale while returning it to the initial position.

Avoid rowing on the highest resistance, to get a good stroke you need to lower the resistance.
You can consider a rowing machine workout plan where you pull 2 minutes – 500 meters split and burn 1000 calories in an hour.