What Are Cross Trainers Good For? Why Use Them?

There are so many different types of exercise machines that are available for use in the home gym these days; your options really are endless. It wasn’t that long ago that the home gym would simply consist of a treadmill and an exercise bike or a rowing machine. Today, however, the cross trainer is king.

This machine works via a flywheel which controls the resistance of the machine. It allows users to mimic the actions of walking, climbing and running. If you are new to fitness and you have yet to experience one of these machines, then it is very likely that you are still unaware of all of the benefits of a cross trainer.  Please read on below to find out more information.

  • Perfect for Everyone – One of the things that makes cross training so beneficial is the fact that it is suitable for everyone regardless of their age, mobility or fitness level. Cross trainers are so versatile in the ways that they can be used that you can even benefit from them if you are starting from scratch with poor fitness levels. You can also benefit from them just as much if you are very fit and workout regularly.
  • Fantastic for Weight Loss – Another one of the big benefits of a cross trainer is that they are the perfect machine for losing weight. Not many people will be aware of this fact, but you are actually able to burn more calories in 30 minutes on a cross trainer compared to 30 minutes on a treadmill. As well as this, you are able to work all of your muscles at the same time so you get the added benefit of losing weight from all of your problem areas.
  • Not Hard on Joints – If you are overweight, unfit, or have an existing problem then you might find that exercising can be quite taxing on your joints. The problem with this is that you are more likely to pick up an injury during your workouts which is going to set you back significantly with your fitness journey. The cross trainer is renowned for not being hard on your joints, making it the perfect workout machine for those who already struggle with joint problems or those who are more susceptible to injury because of a lack of fitness.
  • Customisable Workouts – When it comes to cross trainer benefits, one of the biggest is that you are able to fully customise your workout. You can not only make use of built in programs, but you can also create your own workouts by adjusting the resistance and incline of your machine. The good thing about this is that you are able to keep your training interesting but more importantly, you are able to really push yourself.

These are just a few examples of the many benefits of a cross trainer, there are plenty of others. Now, let’s take a look at some of the scenarios in which a cross trainer would be the perfect machine to use.

Those Trying to Lose Weight

If you have tried to lose weight before, then you will already know that it can be quite a difficult and frustrating process. It is important to find the right balance between diet and exercise if you want your weight loss program to be effective.

For a lot of people, the problem lies in the way that they are exercising. They may be not exercising enough, or they might be using the wrong type of machine. Because the cross trainer works the whole body at the same time and burns more calories than a treadmill, it really is the best fitness machine for weight loss.

Competitive Runners

If you are a competitive runner, or you would like to become one, then it is crucial that you train on a regular basis. Many people will opt for the treadmill to help them boost their stamina and keep their fitness at a required level.

The treadmill certainly offers a good cardio workout, but it doesn’t really help you train for running competitively. The cross trainer, however, is the perfect machine for training as a runner. You are able to not only adjust the resistance level to push yourself, but you can also adjust the incline to practice running up and downhill.

Those Recovering from Injury

If you have sustained an injury then it is likely that your fitness is going to decrease as a result. Many people will make the mistake of getting straight back into keeping fit but the problem with this is that you are likely to set back your recovery time.

Because cross trainers are so easy on the joints so they are the perfect machine for slowly rebuilding your fitness levels without having to worry about sustaining any further injuries or setting your recovery back. You can slowly increase the intensity of your workout until you are back to peak fitness levels.

The cross trainer really is the perfect workout machine for home use. It is suitable for everyone, incredibly versatile and has a multitude of benefits for you to take advantage of no matter what your goals are. For the home gym, the cross trainer is essential.

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